Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra Group at the Nasscom Conference mentioned Artificial Intelligence(A.I) would naturally  automate tractors first and then trucks and finally cars.

When we look back at history, we find that the primary occupation of the people was farming, making handicrafts, building temples and performing music and dance in the temples. Now, we only have a handful of those jobs.

 When mechanization started i.e after the industrial revolution, slowly people came out of their jobs.(music, dance, crafts etc) and got sucked into jobs that made machines and wrote software for those machines.

This phenomenon peaked in the last twenty years where the focus was more on the efficiency and productivity rather than the norm of production and consumption of the last hundred years with machines.

 Now we are entering into the era of the convergence of physical, biological and data sciences spearheaded by Data and Artificial Intelligence. Most of the problems of the world will be solved by these two things. (We read reports of Google trying to cure people even from cancer)

 Now there is a natural worry that it will throw many people out of the jobs. Farmers to be replaced by tractors, drivers to be replaced by autonomous vehicles and drones replacing delivery persons.

So, what do we do now?

Two things can happen.

1.All the skilled and unskilled jobs will be in danger of getting lost. A few will be involved in the maintenance of the machines.

In terms of farming, till the traditional knowledge of the farmers becomes digitised, they will be  supervising the machines. Then they won’t be required.

2. The vast remaining majority will turn towards liberal arts which humans were doing from their time of inception in this planet. They will turn towards what they have been doing before the advent of industrial revolution.  They will be involved in what comes naturally to them i.e  music, dance, literature, crafts etc with heavy intervention of technology.

We might be even involved in story telling about how we are living during the best time of Planet Earth or atleast, we wish such a scenario.